A Look At The Dash Ads BTCPOP IPO


We already had a look at our first BTCPop IPO listing earlier this festive season, now we take a look at another with a much interesting market pitch (no disrespect to the first but Advertising just gets me excited especially when multiple payment options are in the works).

Today’s Valued BTCPop IPO is Dash.

The Specimens on the right of this post are Dash Ads Homepage and Dashboard UI.

Valued preposition:
A New Advertising Network which Utilizes a wide a array of Payment Systems (LTC, BTC, Possibly EU/USD and the obvious Dash).

(Had to do some copy/pasting copy-writing here since the description wasn’t rightly place in the announcement. )
What will we use these funds for?

  • Promotional offers for advertisers as well as publishers.
  • Server upgrades to handle user load and ad serving.
  • Professional penetration testing and possible solutions. (We’re confident with our code but prefer all measures to be taken)
  • liquidity for unseen needs that may arise.

What can you expect?

  • Off our initial estimates complete ROI would be based on a 2-2.5 year schedule. 
  • Quarterly payments with full profit disclosure and transaction proof.
  • Accountability to any share holder despite how many shares are held.
  • A safe and reliable means of investing your coins.
  • A real contribution to the cryptocurrency community and ecosystem.


This 10% is valued at 10,000 units at ฿0.00300000BTC, that is ฿30 BTC‘s or $12,971.70 US (btc exchange rate of $432.39) or 1310.57 Euros or 965.71 GBP. at the current time of writing 539 shares have already sold at a value ฿1.617 BTC or $698.82 US. 

Feel Free To contact IPO Administrator Gerald Teeple AKA Jerry at jerry[at]dashad[dot]io.
This has been another review of a BTCPOP IPO Offer, feel free to follow us on all the social platform for more IPO’s and Bitcoin Related News coverage.

Disclaimer: i took part in this IPO, buying my self a few shares.
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