AdBit and BitRush Corp, which owns the Popular Bitcoin Advertising Platform, have indicated in an email titled “AdBit: Important Announcement” management changes among other Vital announcements.

The Platform indicated the removal of their Previous Business Manager coming on the heels of “issues that have occurred over the past couple of months, including frequent withdrawal problems and the lack of customer support responses” which have been shown based on feedback from the various social channels and Bitcointalk threads:

Exhibit A: [ANN] – Advertising platform, better than clicks/views!, Exhibit B: is dead? and Exhibit C: Will Go SCAM ?.

Dear users,

The Adbit team and Bitrush Corp. would like to apologize for any and all issues that have occurred over the past couple of months, including frequent withdrawal problems and the lack of customer support responses. This has been due to some internal affairs and problems regarding the previous business manager, who is now no longer with us.  We are fully aware of the frustrations felt and are currently doing our best to get everything back in proper working order.

It seem BitRush Corp has taken a good deal of time in consideration of the concerns made by their user base and the effects on their ROI which have lead them to take this action of removing their Business manager along with their grateful apology to Advertisers, Publishers, Affiliates and users of their platform.

What is Next For AdBit? homepage
the current homepage

Going Forward based on the emails, AdBit will See bit changes.


  • AdBit will transition to a new website at (not sure this is a good idea). “Effective Thursday, January 19th, 2017 @ 1:00pm will now be known as”
  • Publishers, Affiliates, Advertisers and users are  won’t require new details for the transition. “There will be a transition period where all links and banners will be auto-redirected to the new .biz version, however it is highly recommended that you update your bookmarks, links and ad display codes as soon as possible (but not before the 19th). All accounts and passwords will be the same.”
  • Publishers: You will need to change the <script> include for to on your websites.”
  • Affiliates: Please update your links to point to wherever you can.”
  • Advertisers & all other users: Make sure to update your bookmarks to No other changes are required.
  • Note about deposits: After the 19th, all previously generated deposit addresses will become inactive. Please refrain from making new BTC depositsuntil we have switched to the .biz domain.”
  • “Forums: The forum “BTC rewards program” is discontinued indefinitely, simply too much spam was happening.  Hence, pending forum rewards will not be paid. is no longer supported, however stay tuned for (which will be starting off fresh).”
  • “Faucet: The bitcoin faucet has been shut down as well for similar reasons as above. “
  • “Blog: is no longer supported and is no longer the official blog. Stay tuned for a new blog in the future.All official blogs, forums and communication will be from going forward. Any communication, blog or forum related to is not official and should not be relied upon.”

In the end, the email indicated a “Thank you for your understanding and patience. ” to all those involved.

At the time of writing this report, A Visit to the will present a 404 error which should indicative of a continued transition setup in progress.

These announcements are preliminary and a Press Release was indicated to be in the works which will clarify/detail the preliminary announcements presented in the email.

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