BitBoard Posts Bitcoin IPO Via BTCPOP Platform


BTCPOP in November introduced its Shares market to potential startups and businesses who are willing to use the revolutionary power of the web and Bitcoin to harness funds for their projects. 
It should come as no surprise that a number of offerings are already available after BTCPOP’s stringent review process. 

We B2V2y News are ones to keep a close on BTCPOP operations, so it should come as a surprise that we are providing a summary of IPO offers and the companies and people behind them.

One IPO to keep a Close eye on is that of BitBoard which is offering 10% of its company value on BTCPop’s Share market aim at “paying for the servers and getting some external coding help” and from the looks of their website and logo, i would say they are in need of these funds.
Dubbed the “The Best Bitcoin Peer Market A bitcoin dedicated website and Android app for Bitcoin Users to sell and buy stuff or even get or post jobs” based on its IPO and website headline.

This 10% is valued at 100,000 units at 0.00200000BTC, that is 200 BTC‘s or 72,066.00 US (btc exchange rate of $360.33) or 67,912.76 Euros. at the current time of writing 32 shares have already sold at a value 0.064 BTC or $23.10 US.

If you want to provide questions for the Project Manager, VIEW HERE.
Want to help fund this project, GO HERE.

So that is it for our summary of BITBOARD, Keep a close eye on our B2V2y Wirefed for further BTCPOP IPO and other updates. 


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