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With bitcoin becoming more popular and better trusted as a bona fide currency in its own right these days, Bitcoin gambling is also on the rise, and the creation and ongoing development of the Casino company is a good case in point. Opening as recently as 2014, this casino offers a wide selection of games not seen in other Casinos to date. offers a whole lot of slot games, if you are into that kind of thing, and also a wide assortment of table games, including frequent crowd favorites such as American Roulette, European roulette, common draw roulette, and zoom roulette.

The not so well known common draw roulette is simply roulette with a timer and a single zero, much like the European version. Whereas zoom roulette is roulette in three – dimensional graphics, along with a call bets section.

Live Games

One of the intriguing things I have found out about this casino is that they offer a Live Games section, where they have beauteous female dealers conduct your games. You also have a chat option.

For the live dealer games, they have gems such as Bet on Poker, a fun variant of Texas Hold ’em where you try to predict i.e. “bet” on which hand will win for each of the six imaginary players at the poker table. The game also gives you the additional option to bet on the kind of hand that will win the game in the end.

In other words, Straight, Full house, Flush, Two pair etc. The other aspects of this game is the same as Texas hold ’em, with the five community cards for the “board”, and two cards for each imaginary player, or “position”. There is also a display table that will calculate the odds for the game concluding with a certain hand combination.

If a hand combination becomes impossible at any of the four betting rounds, then it will be displayed as lost. Some of the other games include timeless classics such as high limit / low limit Black Jack, Baccarat, Wheel of fortune, and a seemingly simple game called War of Bets, where you bet on whether your card or the dealer’s card is higher, or will result in a  tie when compared (War).


Table Games

The table games section is home to 18 + card games, and one game called Predictor, which is something like an animated video game where you predict the value and or color of colored carts. Also, the table games section contains a cool game called Poker 3 Heads up Hold ’em.

It is a fun game of one on one Texas hold ’em where the player gets to choose your opponent, with four different playing styles, and the player gets to pick the initial stakes of the game. In this game, a player can either fold, or call the ante bet, until the dealer deals the final card, and the site software checks to see who has the highest hand.

There are four rounds in total, the pre – flop, flop, turn, and the river. I don’t know about you, but I find that with the larger stakes, and a skilled betting strategy, i.e. fold when things are not going your way, one can churn out some wins in relatively reliable fashion. Of course, money don’t grow on trees, so it would be wise to take this advice with a grain of salt.


Bitcoin Raffle

The Raffle is basically a Lottery, which you can play with tickets given to you for performing on – site activities.

For example, if you wager a certain amount playing video slots, then you can get one ticket every time you hit the required amount. Or you can play a certain game every day for a whole month, netting you one ticket a day, at thirty tickets total.

The prizes are relatively large, coming in at between .1 Bitcoins to several Bitcoins for winners on many occasions. The highest prize is 75 bitcoins. The prizes themselves, to date, have been varied, from simply monetary prizes to tickets to sporting events to Gaming Consoles to Cameras, etc.


Deposit and Withdrawal

Withdrawal and deposit on are both very easy. For the deposit, all you need to do is click on the deposit button on’s homepage, copy the bitcoin address from the pop up window, and paste the address onto the “Send money” section of your bitcoin wallet.

Withdrawal is similar, you simply click on the withdrawal tab in the cashier section of the website, and in the ensuing window, paste your bitcoin address, the amount you want to withdraw, and click withdraw. It is worth noting that one needs six confirmed deposits before one is able to withdraw any money from


Mobile Support offers excellent mobile support, the software works on smartphones such as the iPhone, Android phones, all Windows mobile phones, and Galaxy S6.

It also works on popular tablets. It is recommended for phones with at least 5″ of display.


Further Reading

Should one have more questions, be sure to visit the company’s terms and conditions page here.

You can also visit their Help Centre by clicking on its icon on the middle right edge of the screen.


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