Ever thought about what the world or Minecraft would be like if everything was made out of cardboard? Cardlife, an online first-person fantasy survival game akin to Minecraft but with a Cardboard procedural world.


The Game is now in Beta with the outlook that when it is completed it will be available for price based on the information told in the videos above. They also plan on giving perks to early Beta testers.

Our Cardlife Review

Downloading the game is a lengthy process of creating an account,verifying your email and then … finally downloading the 10.8 Mb CardLifeInstaller.exe


Then i Installed and clicked the icon on the desktop with delight soon greeted with a bug, I cannot login.


From all accounts I didn’t get to round this game and thus an independent post with my review is due.


One advice i would give the developers is to make registration a lot more easier. It would also be efficient to let the user be able to use both username and password to login since it is not hard to carry out (I am talking from experience working on the BITVoxy Frontend’s Login).

More advice when i get this bug fixed and play the game.

You might have better luck than i have hence what are you waiting for? become apart of the testing and download Cardlife Now from their website.

cardlife1Download Cardlife

We will keep a close eye on this game and the operation behind it, in the months to come. In The Mean Time, I’ll be looking for a way to have this bug fixed for a lengthy review.

If your download works then feel free to leave your experience and feedback in the comment.

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