ChangeTip, The Popular Bitcoin Tipping Service founder, Nick Sullivan today made an announcement via ChangeTips Reddit pertaining to the services closure.

Sullivan wrote ” When we started ChangeTip a little over 2 years ago, we had a vision for a company that would allow people to spread appreciation on the web for things they enjoyed. It feels good to be appreciated, and ChangeTip aimed to make that possible all over the web.

Since then, over 100,000 people have signed up for ChangeTip, and more than 350,000 tips have been sent. We gave the Bitcoin movement a good boost, and we’re honored to have been the ‘first bitcoin wallet’ for so many people.

In the spring of 2016, ChangeTip’s employees were acqui-hired by Airbnb, where most of us work today. Since then, we’ve been searching for the best outcome for ChangeTip, and unfortunately the only remaining option is to shut it down.”

The closure announcement comes months after its Acquihire by home-rental startup Airbnb which purchased its engineering team for $1.25 Million. Changetip spent the next months struggling to find a company to purchase ChangeTips Assets.

News of the acqui-hire also comes more than a year after the service raised $3.5m in seed funding for its service, which operates via social media networks like Reddit and Twitter.

What is Next For ChangeTip? changetip_showcase

The Platforms 100 thousand account holders will no longer be able to send/receive tip at the end of November.

The site won’t leave you in the dust however, it will stick around “for some months” to provide user with enough time to withdraw their account balances.

We recommend you close your ChangeTip account. You may withdraw any remaining funds via BTC withdrawal, or you can donate your funds to Charity when you close your account from the settings page.

He Concluded the Reddit post with ” We want to extend a very special thanks to our entire community. We are truly humbled by your generosity and your philanthropic spirit. It was a great adventure, and we’re proud of what we built – we sincerely hope you enjoyed using ChangeTip. Please continue to spread the mission of generosity, gratitude, and appreciation all over the web.”

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