Edgar Wright and Avengers Infinity Wars- The Weekly Planet Podcast


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This week with talk with writer/director Edgar Wright about his latest film Baby Driver. We also get into all things D23 including new The Last Jedi footage, Avengers Infinity War, The Incredible’s 2 and more. We also cover the Geostorm trailer for some reason, Gotham by Gaslight, Suicide Squad 2 and another Hot Scoop. HOT SCOOP.

Star Wars The Last Jedi D23 Breakdown: https://goo.gl/z1dBqk
Do Goon Pod: https://goo.gl/ZzMEvg

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4:30 Geostorm trailer
8:40 X-men: The Next X-men
9:47 Suicide Squad 2 director
12:46 Gotham By Gaslight animated
13:38 Venom movie news
14:51 Han Solo HOT SCOOP
19:21 007, Kong Skull Island & Serious Issues

21:38 Edgar Wright Interview
42:29 D23 2017
1:05:27 Avengers Infinity War Trailer (Homecoming Spoiler 1:08:57 – 1:09:15)
1:13:53 Baby Driver Review (1:20:00 to 1:23:10 Spoilers)

1:23:39 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:27:12 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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