Introducing the Frezit: A Smart Trash Can


freezit-logoWhat Would you say about having an IOT powered Trash can? Say goodbye to your trash bag and hello to an IOT Disposable Unit With Built-In freezing Capabilities.

Frezit is the Trash Can IOT Disposable Unit but Mention the Words Disposable Unit and The Internet of Things will not come to mind. The benefits to having such a unit is very wide though if one looks into it(ahem… No Trash bag).

What is Freezit?

Frezit is a Smart Trash Can With Built-In freezing Capabilities, Smartphone Alerts, and more. It works by freezing your garbage Organics or anything even the ones you would not place in our trash bag, in your home or business that needs a cooler temperature.

a Freezit IOT Disposable Unit
Fezit took 2 years of design and testing in order to meet our standards… and get rid of that trash container.

The Unit is very easily configured by plugging in the Frezit Unit. Each Unit is connected your Internet router after configuring it with your selected service provider.

You won’t have to worry about its energy consumption as each unit runs on 112 volts and shuts off when not in use.You can also manage the temperature from an app.

You can take care knowing that Frezit is compatible with many smart home devices as Nest, apple home link, Alexa and Eco bee.

It even alerts your when you need to empty your trash can! Can a Scrap bag do that? You also get monthly reports.

Frezit is a Breakthrough Hardware Technology, That freeze organic waste to help smart cities comply with Zero waste solution.

Who makes trash bags Frezit?

Freezit is the Work of Frezit Labs, a home innovation company responsible for developing the world’s first smart disposal unit.The founding team is comprised of engineers and creative entrepreneurs. Frezit designs and manufacturers an innovative collection of smart waste disposal units ranging in sizes for residential and commercial use. Using a patent technology to freeze organic waste in smart bins, Frezit helps reduce landfill waste and incineration. The Frezit Commercial Division licenses (HAAS) it’s technology to nationwide sanitation departments to utilize in the reduction of organic waste in landfills.

So what are you waiting for? Get the One of the World First IOT Disposable Units and finally say goodbye to that Trash Bag.

Get Your Freezit IOT Disposable Unit Pre-Ordered Now

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