Was Genesis Mining Hacked? a Press release has confirmed a hacking which occured on the night of friday July 21st where an attacker gained access to a Hot Wallet and was able to transfer funds.

The Intrusion leads to a delay in daily payouts but Genesis Mining has assured its users that the funds will be covered in full. The intrusion was quickly discovered and quickly mitigated.

every person who mines with us helps make what we do possible, and we appreciate your patience with us as we work to ensure security while getting you your hard earned coins.

The company has taken the event as a security reminder and took a further step at enhancing their monitoring and detection capabilities, and further hardening their environment.

You can rest assured that no evidence of sensitive end-user information, including email addresses, were exposed by this incident. The company also engaged 3rd party cyber security advisory to investigate the attack and make sure the attack has been resolved/isolated.

Genesis ended the Release with a reassurance of their Customer Support Availability and That payouts will be made in comings weeks to the attack.

Blockchain Transaction in relation to the attack: 0xd34da389374caad1a048fbdc4569aae33fd5a375

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