The JSE StockShot is a daily overview of the Jamaica Stock Exchange‘s trading activity, News surrounding the Market and our experience trading via the Jamaica Stock Exchange Public Game 2016-17.

Trading Summary

Todays trading saw 15 stocks of which 6 advanced, 5 declined and 4 traded firm.

Stocks Advancing inclusive of JP KW NCBJ RJR SJ SGJ.

Stocks Trading Firm inclusive of CW JMMBGL7.50 PJX SVL.

Stock seeing a Decline inclusive of 1834 BRG GK JMMBGL SEP.

For more data check out the Daily Summary.


Our Portfolio

Let us take a Look at Player Mondays Leaderboard:


We won’t show this leaderboard again until Friday each week but will make references to big changes in the rankings.

This weeks leader is Gaswayne Hudson with a portfolio value of $106,294.53 JMD granted last week’s lead, Andre k saw a huge fall to 9th place… the Vishtany on that Leaderboard is us, We are currently at 12th with a portfolio value of $101,692.00 JMD.

Also Noted from the overall chart is a significant lead of The public portfolio values totalling a mass of $2.1 Million second by Jamaica College followed by Calabar High which can be vieweed in full here.

The Portfolio Shot


We are going to make any changes to the portfolio for today. Feel free to leave your feedback/suggestions below on changes you believe we can make to the portfolio to make it better.

This Portfolio Shot will also not be shown again until Friday and will replaced with a worded summary referring to the changes in this segment of the report. Changes of significance within the Portfolio might see us doing Breaking Shots to break twice per week Portfolio Shot norm.

So that was our first issue of the JSE StockShot Report but be sure to follow us on our social channels or join our Telegram Robot to receive the latest updates BITVoxy News.

DISCLAIMER: this does not constitute as financial and/or investment advice. BITVoxy is in no way associated with the Jamaica Stock Exchange or/and any of its subsidiaries unless explicitly stated as such.

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