The JSE StockShot is a daily overview of the Jamaica Stock Exchange‘s trading activity, News surrounding the Market and our experience trading via the Jamaica Stock Exchange Public Game 2016-17.

Trading Summary

Todays trading saw 33 stocks of which 12 advanced, 16 declined and 5 traded firm.

Stocks Advancing inclusive of BIL CAR DTL11.75 HONBUN ISP JBG LASF PJAM SJ SIJL SEP TTECH.

Stocks Trading Firm inclusive of EPLY9.5 JSE JAMT PJX SGJ.


No Trading activity 1834 BRG KW RJR.

For more data check out the Daily Summary.



Dasia from Kingston Technical High school has taken over the leaderboards top spot with a portfolio valued $107,080.53 JMD. Our portfolio rests at 9th position valued at $101,581.00 JMD.

Our Portfolio has an overall 1.58% gain from yesterday’s value which due to slight movements in various stocks.

Yesterday’s Portfolio Shot

I won’t be marking any changes to the portfolio just as yesterday.

See you tomorrow when we take another look at the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

DISCLAIMER: this does not constitute as financial and/or investment advice. BITVoxy is in no way associated with the Jamaica Stock Exchange or/and any of its subsidiaries unless explicitly stated as such.

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