The JSE StockShot is a daily overview of the Jamaica Stock Exchange‘s trading activity, News surrounding the Market and our experience trading via the Jamaica Stock Exchange Public Game 2016-17.

Trading Summary

Todays trading saw 20 stocks of which 10 advanced, 6 declined and 4 traded firm.

Stocks Advancing inclusive of BIL BRG CAR GK JP JMMBGL KW PJAM SJ.  

Stocks Trading Firm inclusive of 138SL JMMB7.25 JSE RJR.

Stock seeing a Decline inclusive of CW CCC JBG JMMB7.50 MIL NCBJ.


No Trading activity:



For more data check out the Daily Summary.



Dasia from Kingston Technical High school has fell to 2nd place on the leaderboard seeing the return of Andre K to the top with a portfolio valued $109,796.80 JMD.

Our portfolio saw a huge drop from 9th place to the 15th position valued at $101,029.00 JMD.

Our Portfolio has seen an overall drop 1.58% to a 1.03% gain due in large part our long term holding PTL.

Monday’s Portfolio Shot

I won’t be marking any changes to the portfolio just as yesterday.

See you tomorrow when we take another look at the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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