@Midnight Digital Team Makes Petition For an Improved Sean Connery Website


Sean Connery’s Website seem to have turned up a stir/mix of nightmares for the @midnight Digital Team who believe the actor should have a much modern, new and improved website design than something akin to an archaeological discovery dating back to the 2000’s.

You can take a look for your self at seanconnery.com and see what they talking about.

The petition description goes:

Sir Sean Connery‘s website hasn’t been updated in fourteen years, and is in a state of complete squalor. While it may have looked good back in 2002, it’s become a blemish on his otherwise pristine legacy.

A man of Connery’s stature deserves the finest things in the world, online presence included. This is where the @midnight digital team comes in: we want to, for free, redesign the official www.seanconnery.com site into something better suited to a man of his regard.

Connery defined James Bond, hunted for Red October, and waged war on The Rock. Please sign to give @midnight the opportunity to make www.seanconnery.com his latest triumph.”

Want to have an idea of what the design will look like? no so quick, read the following tweet reply.

You should also checkout the petition comments which are darn hilarious.


seanconnerypetitionAt the time of writing, the petition has already garnered 21 supporters.


SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let the @Midnight Digital Team do their amazing task of bringing this website back from the 2000’s… or life.

We will stay tuned in for updates, you can follow us on twitter @BITVoxy for more updates like this one.

Sign The Petition

NB: Given the nature of this show, this might be a joke but this a seriously noteworthy suggestion that should be taken real serious…


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