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In a previous victory for the United States Treasury has a federal court in California ruled in favor of the IRS serve Coinbase Inc. a “John Doe” summons. The IRS requires the approval of a federal subpoena court said that almost all customers Coinbase 2013-2015 users have been covered.

The size of these backdoor surveillance is wonderful in depth and reach. Let’s see what the “John Doe” official convocation requires Coinbase full user profile, history of changes to user account creation, full user preferences, settings and security user history (Including connected devices, and account activity) complete methods of user payment and any other information regarding the sources of financing for the account / portfolio / vault, regardless of the date .
Consequences for portfolio owners Bitcoin Coinbase

What exactly do that while moving, which makes several million Bitcoin Coinbase portfolio owners? The official convocation identifies exactly one taxpayer, named “Taxpayer 1” and two companies – Taxpayers 2 and 3 – who in Bitcoin and knowingly use Bitcoin to avoid paying taxes by the IRS. So in other words, the call has three Coinbase taxpayers involved and is now able to protect the identity of the users. California’s Northern Federal Court Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley sees more evidence of a problem of the entire Coinbase system.

Based on a review of the petition and support documents, the Court held that the “John Doe” call Coinbase, Inc. relates to the investigation of an identifiable group or category of persons, that there is a reasonable basis To believe that it does not have such a group or class of persons or may have failed to comply with a provision of a domestic law and that the information requested is to be obtained from the examination of (And the identity of the persons with respect to whom the issuance of the writ is responsible) are not readily available from other sources.
Understand that the IRS as long as they can move to the approval of a US federal court of assignment “John Doe”. Any approval of federal courts, meaning that they can be moved from a federal court to the Federal Court until they receive, so the end result was inevitable. This is equivalent to a national rubber stamp. There is no checks or balances against the IRS in order to avoid overreach.
As the use of virtual currency has grown exponentially, a few questions about increased tax compliance, “said Acting Deputy Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo, head of the Department of Justice’s Tax Division, in a Official statement. “Tools like the authorization convocation today John Doe to send a clear message to the American taxpayer that regardless of the form of currency they use – or Bitcoin dollars and traditional cents – we Will ensure that the end of their tax returns and pay their fair share of taxes. ‘
Attacks on other Bitcoin exchanges
It should be safe to assume that the IRS will use it for other Bitcoin portfolio providers to attack an appreciable measure, and most likely no significant Bitcoin exchanges. The US government is known around the world for having a comprehensive view with regard to Americans and their taxes, and it is the only country that taxes citizens regardless of their location – see FATCA and GATCA for more information .
The moral of the story seems to be that the Bitcoin owners are considered guilty until proven otherwise in a federal court in the United States. Three of a few million owners of the stock market constitutes a wave of tax evasion of crime to be arrested, and violation of the fourth amendment of the Constitution must be neglected in the pursuit of tax revenue. One point for mass surveillance.
This can be a good time to invest in a personal material handbag, or some other less centralized source of Bitcoin storage. Coinbase has tried to prevent this result as people look elsewhere when it comes to prevention and Bitcoin storage of portfolio creation funds. However taking the concept of creating a huge financial honeypot for governments and regulators to swarm is as dangerous as holding large Bitcoin fund caches on a return for hackers and scammers. The philosophy of Bitcoin for you from your own bank and, with every passing day, the wisdom of just doing that deeper and deeper At the time of writing this article on Wednesday, Coinbase made no official comment on these developments, either on their company blog or CEO Twitter feed Brian Armstrong.

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