paxful logoBitcoin eCommerce startup, Paxful has introduced its New Affiliate Network. Paxful venders are able to sell bitcoin instantly to mainstream buyers.

The New Affiliate Program will enable Affiliates to earn commissions on Transactions done on the platform.

Paxful is the brain child of Artur Schaback and Ray Youssef. The new firm has already made a name for itself as the place where the mainstream gets it bitcoins. The new program comes at a time when demand for bitcoin is booming and its price is rising. While next best affiliate program offers 25%, Paxful is offering 200% commissions.

“We have had tremendous demand to extend this to the eco system. Content providers have proven to add immense value to the eco system and we think giving them a way to sustain themselves would elevate the entire space.” Youssef said.

paxful_shotThe Platform believes Bitcoin’s potential is limited because only the exchanges are making any money. Content providers and wallet apps earn hardly anything. This could be compared to the web before Google Adsense. The Platform aims to change that.

paxful_root_diagramAs the demand for bitcoin grows and supply decreases, there will be more people looking to acquire bitcoin in different ways. The Paxful platform now allows the unbanked to get bitcoin in over 300 different ways.

“With a simple link, affiliates can target bitcoin buyers by market segments. The system matches up buyers with the very best vendors for their price point. It can be customized for any blog, app or community.” said Schaback.

The program lets individuals profit with commissions that are 1,000% larger than those offered by competitors.


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