monstaahcrush-logoSay Hello to Monstaah Crush, an action packed arcade smasher. The Monstahhcrush Experience is filled with the adrenaline rush of smashing all the evil Monstaahs while avoiding any harm to the innocent Monstaahs taken hostage. Easy to pick up and play for ages 13 and above.

The game was developed by Jamaican Game Developers Kenroy Mcleish and Douglas Davidson.


Monstaahcrush Features

  • monstaahcrush2COOL ITEMS – Lightning, Bombs, Monstaah Traps, Spikes.
  • CATCHY, TIMELESS MUSIC – Distinct and melodic tunes guaranteed to keep you engaged and entertained.
  • CHALLENGE FRIENDS – Challenge your friends to the throne as Crush King!.
  • EASY TO PLAY – Simply press to CRUSH MONSTAAHS.
  • OTHER FEATURES – Game Center leaderboards and Achievements. iPhone and iTouch


Who are Behind Monstaahcrush an The History?

From the Sunny Island of Jamaica, Monstaah Crush founders Kenroy and Douglas set out to create a fun game that would offer players internationally a fun, adrenaline pumping game encouraging their Mantra of “Be Fast”.

Growing up as Jamaicans we say “We Likkle but wi Tallawa!” which means even though you are small be fast, excel and perform just as well as the bigger guys would.

Where can i get Monstaahcrush?

You will however have to wait until October 1, 2016 before HP Games makes the game available on the Apple Store for IOS based devices.

The download is free and will have Ads or optional IAPs:

Hints: To stay alive avoid all pink monsters and use special items to destroy your enemy.

NB: We will Update this page with a direct link to the Apple Itunes store once the game is available.

Learn more at

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