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Today everyone might have heard about bitcoin as it is growing in popularity and used in different areas. The currency is not physical and is stored in special bitcoin wallets. It is considered to be one of the currencies that are more safe and efficient, compared to others as it becomes accepted at a growing list of places. For example,, and Microsoft and Dell, to name but a few.

The increased safety is due to the fact that your personal information is not tied to your bitcoin address along with the innovative fact that Bitcoin is cryptographically secure, so it is fraud resistant.

Bitcoin payments can also be processed with very low transaction fees, thus the increased efficiency. There is no doubt that the currency has relatively high volatility in terms of price however as it is comparably not as bad as FIAT. The highest price for bitcoin was somewhere around $1216.73 U.S.  Dollars (reached back in 2013) and the lowest somewhere around $340 – $530 U.S. Dollars.

It is the growing stability and demand which has given a wide usability to bitcoin as a currency for numerous bitcoin gambling websites. Many people may be aware of the various casino games which are played today using this new digital currency.

rollinio-front presents a high and low dice game that allows players to either bet on whether the number is higher or lower than 50. Players can even take a step further and use an automated bot to chooses an arbitrary number, which the user will then attempt to predict if it is either higher or lower than the next roll.

The game itself is quite entertaining, boasting a UI complete with circulating, streaming LED lights, and a random time and pattern of preparatory movement for the neon digits before coming up with a number.

The player also chooses the bet size, and in the Robot, the user gets to set the condition to be enacted upon a Win / Loss scenario. For example, increase the bet amount by such and such a specific percentage points or restore the bet amount to the base size bet.

Of possible interest is the strategy of choosing a very low arbitrary number, and then bet higher. Or, conversely, choose a very high number, and then bet lower. Thus increasing, sometimes drastically, one’s chances of winning, at the cost of reducing payout. One can also set the game to increase the bet by an impossibly high percentage upon a single loss, thus avoiding the risk of consecutive loss.

rollin-io-level-upFor a bitcoin dice site the house edge for is quite low. There is a level progression system in play on this site. A Level one player has a House advantage of 1%, there are 11+ levels, and for a level 11 player, the house advantage is 0.8%.

There is also a no doubt nearly universally loved feature to, and that is the Faucet feature that hands out from 100 to 15,000 free satoshis to users ranged level 1 to level 11.  There maybe no such thing as a free lunch, but one can apparently still find free pennies if one looks hard enough.

Should one make any money on this site, there are some restrictions before one can withdraw their bitcoins. They need to have two confirmations on their prior deposits before the site will allow you to withdraw money out of your balance. All in all, though, the Casino offers a very enjoyable, streamlined and simplified gambling experience, for both casual and serious gamblers alike.

So it’s time to lock, load and rock the boat, ladies and gentlemen! Just don’t count your bitcoins before they materialize.


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