Spider-man Homecoming Trailer & Best TV 2016 – The Weekly Planet Podcast


Huge week for trailers! Spider-man! Homecoming! The Mummy! Transformers The Last Transformer! War For The Planet Of The War Of The Apes! The Fateโ€™s Of The Fantastic Fast Eight! Plus we discuss the Westworld finale and the best television of 2016. Thanks for listening!

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5:18 Star Wars Ep 8 Title?
6:19 Zack Snyder back for Justice League 2
9:26 Powerless trailer
11:53 The Fateโ€™s Of The Fantastic Fast Eight
16:29 The Mummy Trailer
23:37 Transformers The Last Knight
31:27 War For The Planet Of The Apes
37:01 Spider-man Homecoming Trailer

47:34 Best TV 2016
(47:501:01:04 Westworld Spoilers)

1:25:36 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:28:30 Letters Itโ€™s Time For Letters

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