State of BVN: #Bitcoin Payout Report #1


So we installed the Faucet on September 11 with the aim of improving our traffic while giving between 200 – 1000 satoshis to anyone with a Bitcoin address every hour.

Here is A view of the activity over the past 6 days.

These 6 Days have been awesome due to the high spikes in traffic received and Claims are given out every Friday, Starting with today payout of 17K Satoshis out of 22K of unpaid and total claims.
Here is a view of the Traffic Stats.


The only promotion i did thus far was to place the Faucet on Bitcointalk which has yield being listed on faucets lists evident from the chart below.


I am currently Beta Testing a New Bitcoin ad Network called BTC Ad Media which might become permanent for the Free Bitcoin Page. I look to add additional marketing in the coming weeks.

Another Chart of the activities:past-24-days-1


Revenue wise, The traffic generated from this Faucet has yet to have a ROI but with the traffic spikes seen within the 6 days along with improved adsense and advertising revenues, The final month report should see a vast improvement from the previous months.
I hope to make this report a weekly insightful view into our traffic, revenues and claims.
If you have any questions/feedback/suggestions then feel free to leave them in the comment section or via twitter @Bitvoxy.

Visit The Bitcoin Faucet

Now Let me go Click that Payout Button… See you next week for our Next Payout and Report.

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