Stellar gives Free Stellar Lumens to Test platform


Free Stellar Lumens is one of Steller’s latest moves to attract new users and remind previous account holder like me about Stellar Lumens while offering them a reward.

Stellar, a platform that “connects banks, payments systems, and people” according to its website decided to offer a giveaway 500 Lumens to each newly generated account aimed at letting users try the payments platform.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) are listed on as the 8th most valuable crypto asset/currency with a value of $0.048574 to 1 lumen at the time of writing. That value makes 500 lumens worth $25.

The Notification was sent in an email sent today(see post date) at 1:56 PM EST like the one below to subscribers:

Free Stellar Lumens email
Free Stellar Lumens email via Gmail

To receive your 500 Free Stellar Lumens Reward, All you have to do is the following:

  1. Click the Link in the email or the one at the end of this post which will lead you to the following landing page:

    Lumens giveaway page
    Stellar Lumens giveaway Landing page
  2. You should then Click “Verify Location” which will generate a new account with credentials, a private key and a public key address just like the one in the screenshot below.
  3. free lumens gen
    The stellar balance viewer login

    Store the Private Key and Public Key in a secure place. You will then use the Private Key to log into your new Stellar account via the now visible “LOGIN TO THE STELLAR ACCOUNT VIEWER” button at the end of the page. A click sends you to the login screen looking like the one on the right which asks for the private key generated earlier. Enter the private key which on success will redirect you to a panel like the one below.

    A general look at the Stellar Lumens balance viewer
  4. Completed! You have received 500 Lumens worth $25! However, you do have to keep in mind that to keep the earned balance, You will have to make a Stellar Lumen transaction or see your newly account removed.

If you have an old stellar account like I did which held/holds Stellar Tokens, You will have to migrate/move the balance via login into to the stellar legacy dashboard and generating a new account then forward the earned stellar Lumens to the old account or visa Versa depending on a choice of your own accord. This conversion will convert 1 stellar token to 1 stellar Lumens Token.

I now hold 604.899964 Steller Lumen Tokens which are worth $29.38 thanks to my previous Stellar Token account ownership of 125 tokens. Upon transfer of a Stellar, each account has to have a default balance of 20 Stellar Lumen Tokens hence the transaction below.

What Next? Stellar Lumens are traded and used like bitcoin.

To learn more visit:

We have no idea when this offer ends hence make a quick effort to receive your share now before the reward ends.

Update: Done before in the past for Stellar tokens:

Get Your Free Stellar Lumens Coins!

How do you feel about Stellar Lumens? Will Stellar Lumens be the way you store/make/do online payments? Feel free to leave your opinion below and Follow us via our social media channels for more Bitcoin, Technology, Entertainment and Current Affairs updates.

Source: Email referenced in this post

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