Want to keep a close eye on Bitcoin News?

There is a fair chance that these news sources are the best places to keep up with the latest updates in the Blockchain-verse. We selected the websites on this list based on whether they are well established or are considered to be credible/trusted/reputable.

The Bitcoin News Sources

9. Bitcoinist | Bitcoinist.com

a screenshot of the bitcoinist homepage on December 24, 2016

Dubbing itself as the “THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE FOR BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY NEWS, REVIEWS AND EDUCATION”, The Bitcoinist receives hundreds of thousands of website traffic from its audience of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Fintech enthusiasts.

They offer main coverage of Industry News and Analysis on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology in addition to coverage of consumer and financial technology.

Visit Bitcoinist.com

8. Cryptocoins News | cryptocoinsnews.com

CCN is a business-related bitcoin news covering of Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech.The Domain was registered for the first time back in 2013 ( based on its whois record ).

Visit CCN

7. NewsBTC | Newsbtc.com

Founded in October 2013 with the goal of “educating and informing those curious about the virtual currency that is Bitcoin. NewsBTC publishes daily hard news articles, interviews and helpful information aimed at the bitcoin ecosystem.

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CoinDesk‘s mission is to chronicle the blockchain movement and create a forum for critical discussions among those building a more productive and inclusive digital economy.

Coindesk is operated by The Digital Currency Group which they acquired in January 2016.

Visit CoinDesk.com

5. Cointelegraph | cointelegraph.com

Founded back in 2013, the CoinTelegraph covers “All Things Bitcoin…and loving every second of it”. The Publication covers Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized applications, the “internet of finance” and the “next gen web”.

Visit cointelegraph.com

4. Bitcoin News | news.bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com dubbed themselves the “premier source for everything Bitcoin related” hence what better way to portray this motto than offering news. The Website not only offers new but also a forum, helpful informational and games… Just to name a few.

Visit News Bitcoin

Operated by BTCMedia, Bitcoin Magazine a Print and Digital Publication which is the oldest (established 2012) and most established news, information and expert commentary source comparable to a Wired for the Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech World.

BTCMedia also operates other publications as DistributedyBitcoin and Devsub.

Visit Bitcoin Magazine

2. Bonus #2: Bitcoin Reddit | reddit.com/r/bitcoin

If you want to keep a breadth of all the news from the channels listed and more… The Bitcoin Reddit is you best place to keep track of news from the top sources along with the one we have listed here.

Visit Bitcoin Reddit

1. Bonus #3: Bitcointalk | bitcointalk.org

BitcoinTalk is where you can get all your Bitcoin, Altcoin and Development News, Announcements and discussions. The Discussion Forum Founded back in 2009, It Is the Prime location for bitcoin related discussions whenever twitter isn’t into the foray.

Visit Bitcointalk.org

So that was all of the Top News Sources in the Bitcoin world, Did we miss anyone or would you like to add your favorite bitcoin news source? Which news source is your favorite? Feel free to leave them in the comments or even point out your favorite news source.