Watch Pokémon GO Players Stampede on Central Park


Pokémon Go Has Taken Over cities around the USA. This Video shows a massive stampede of people trying to catch a particular Pokémon in Central Park.

It’s happening in New York. It’s happening in Santa Monica. Nostalgic young adults are amassing in Boston, Bellevue, Provo, Des Moines, and Chico. Pokémon-themed bar crawls are slated to suffocate the downtown areas of New Orleans, Minneapolis, Portland, San Fransisco, Miami, and Milwaukee. Yelp will even tell you if your destination is within an appropriate distance of a PokéStop, should you need to go outside during the day.

There is no telling what the future wholes for the massive gathering this game has garnered in various allocated Poke stops and Poke gyms.


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